About matthieu keller

For the passion for this small jewel which offers numerous complications, to highlight a perfect reading of time in a luxurious case.

Project O is not just a watch brand. It's a bold fusion of engineering and design. Each watch has its own artistic value, designed for lovers of avant-garde design.

We believe that watches are not simply instruments for measuring time. They are life companions, witnesses of precious moments and expressions of personality.

Our philosophy is based on three pillars:


Our watches are equipped with innovative technical features and cutting-edge materials. Every detail is carefully thought out to provide a unique experience.


We give shape to our general idea, connecting the various perceptions and characteristics that we wish to give to our pieces.


Boldness is our credo. Our watches feature new shapes, giving then their own DNA, easily recognizable and captivating attention.

Project O is an artisanal and independent company, each watch is assembled by hand by passionate craftsmen.