Seller indentification


320, rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 – PARIS (France)

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Applicable law/ Disputes

Every order made to the by any medium will be considered as an aceptation of the following generales conditions of sale without any reserve. Every proffesional or individual customer, has the responsability to read the Project O company's conditions before putting any order through. The same set of french laws will apply to the commited orders made by the customers living on the metropolitan french territoty, Corsica and «D.O.M-T.O.M», but will also apply to the international orders. Regarding the international orders, any issue that french laws are proven unefficient to solve will fall under the set of laws defined by the 11th of april 1980 Vienna convention about the international goods selling. The items for sale comply with the french regulations. It eventually belongs to the foreign customer to make sure with the local autorities the legal use of a product he's planning on buying. Project O Concept company isn't in any case responsable for breaking any local regulation in a foreign country where the product would be delivered. The different parties may try to solve in a friendly manner the disputes of any kind or the claims regarding the execution or the sale. Without an agreement only the Project O 's local court would be competent.

Display of the products

The specifications of the products for sale are displayed on the Internet website (hereinafter called "the site"). The displayed pictures are not part of the contractual agreement between the customer and the Project O company. Project O 's responsability can be invocated if some mistakes are made.

The Project O company keeps the right to modify at any time and whenever it juges it's required for its products, and without any obligation to modify the previously delivered or ordered products. Project O keeps the freedom to modify the models in the website's description without any previous announcement.

Validity limites of the offers

Any products, including the ones on with an offer are for sale untill there's no more stock available. We give a particular attention into removing from our website any unavailable product. Otherwise, the client will be informed by email or phone of the absence of stock as soon as possible if he already has put his order through. Sales generated with a promotion that would not have had to apppliquer following a technical problem could not be honored if the exclusion of the said promotion on a product, a range or minimum or maximum prices would have been clearly expressed.

Products prices

The selling price of the displayed products on the website are in Euros, every taxe is included and outside any shipping cost. The eventual shipping costs are in charge of the customer and are charged on top of the selling price of the products and possibly on top of services. The shipping costs depend on the type of ordered products. The customer will always be informed of the shipping costs before the final registration of his order and will be charged for the total price of his purchase. This way, the choice to validate a payment method by the client means that he accepts the shipping costs linked to his purchase. So, the shipping costs cannot represent an acceptable reason for questionning his order after the final registration.


The client validates his order when the link "ORDER WITH AN OBLIGATION TO PAY" on the secured page where the payment is made. He accepts implicitly the ordering process and the generales conditions of sale on this page.

The Project O company confirm the order by email. That confirmation recaps all the elements of the order. The datas that the Project O company has recorded are considered as proofs of the content, nature and date of the order.


The payment can be made by different means exposed. The part dedicated to the online payment of the website is protected by a security system with an encryption of all the data with an SSL key. In any case they will be handled or stored on our servers and website.


The execution of any order is effective within 2 open days (from monday to friday). The deliveries are taken care of by CHRONOPOST or COLISSIMO for the metropolitan french territory and for the «DOM-TOM» and international orders.

The delivery delays cannot be invocated in any case ase a reason for compensations or for cancelation of any running order.

The risks associated with the transport are taken by the buyer. In case of damages or noticed missing items at the moment of the delivery, the customer can record all the required reserves with the delivery person who will transmit them within a delay of 24 hours to Project O 's customer service by:

  • snail mail to the social base of the Project O company

Delivery with CHRONOPOST

Fast delivery: You're delivered by «la poste» the next day at your domiciliation before 6pm after the sending date in France metropolitan and Monaco.

Care/Delivery: Any damage or missing material must be mentioned and wrtitten down by the client at the moment of the delivery. The client has the responsability to be as precise as possible, give complete details about his reserves and must date and sign his complaint on the delivery form.

Lost goods and deteriorations: The chronopost's responsability is engaged in case of lost or damages on the parcel during the transportation or a non-delivery period except if the sender or the recipient are in fault, case of absolute necessity, inherant vice of the object, unsufficiant packing which represents exhaustively cases of exemption.

Delayed deliveries: for national deliveries, delays are considered with a sending from monday to sataturday for a delivery from monday to friday, except bank hollidays. According to the services deliveries on saturday morning may be possible option.

For international deliveries delays are considered for a sending between monday to friday, except sendings made on saturdays for which one delays run from monday to the the next monday. Deliveries are done every open day except for bank hollidays in the destination countries.

Tracability: At any time you can follow your parcel by connecting yourself with the tracking number that the website has given you onto (free service, part from possible internet connection costs depending on the chosen internet provider) the website to know where it is.

Delivery with COLISSIMO

Rapidity: From the date la poste takes care of your parcel, you'll receive it within 48 hours (opened days in France metropolitan, Corsica and Monaco)

Security: With Colissimo, your order is delivered from monday to saturday between 9am and 12am, and is hand held (no delivery to the intendant...); In case of absence or imposibibilty to deliver your parcel, your postman leaves a notice mentionning the date and the adress of the post office where you'll be able to redraw the parcel simply by showing an identity document.

Counting from the date mentioned on the delivery notice you have 15 days to redraw your parcel. After that delay the parcel will automatically be sent back to the sender.

Tracability: At any time you can follow your parcel by connecting yourself with the tracking number that the website has given you onto (free service, part from possible internet connection costs depending on the chosen internet provider) the website to know where it is.

Intellectual property right

All the texts ans pictures on display on the website are registered on a world wide scale, and is under copyright and intellectual property right. Their reproduction, even partial is strictly forbidden without a previous formal and written agreement of the Project O company.

Case of absolute necessity, restraint of princes

In case of absolute necessity and restraint of princes, the Project O company won't be responsable for any issue regarding its contractual issues. In those cases, Project O wouldn't be forced to inform its client of thoses issues and its incapacity. Finally, in those cases the client is not allowed to cancel his order or start a legal case against Project O to get some compensation.


For any information, question or claim, the client can get in touch with the customer service of the Project O  company :


Project O provides its clients with a commercial garantee of 24 month starting from the ordering date. This garantee only covers repair costs or replacement of disfunctioning products without any responsability whatsoever regarding anything else.

This garantee extends to the movement's functionning, the strap, the glass. Once the repairs made, a new garantee, identical to the first one in term duration and conditions, starts for the replaced parts or the repaired ones. During all the products life, the personal customers, can use the garantee against latent defects as mentionned in the articles 1641 and nexts of the civil code.

The Project O company won't take any responsability in case of bad handling of its products. The Following list of situations where the garantee cannot be used is not exhaustive:

  • In case of spoils resulting from an accident
  • In case of interventation executed outside the Project O service.

The return costs associated with the use of the commercial garantee are paid by the sender unlike the costs of sending back the watch after repairs which are paid by Project O. The customer service Project O is the only one habilitated to procede in fixing the materials and products under garantee. The damaged products covered by the garantee are sent to Project O - 320, rue Saint-Honoré – 75001 PARIS (France).

Order cancelation

The individual customer only has a 14 days starting from the delivery to return the product, the return costs being at his charge.After Project O has received the product the customer is paid back for the price of the product within 14 days counting from the receiving date (at Project O).

Data confidenciality

All your personal datas (name adress, numbers, phones, fax or email adress, IP adress of your computer...), that you would have given us through the website won't be transmitted to any third party.

Those informations won't be used without your agreement, we'll only use them to send you emails or letters and postages.

In respect of the law « Informatique et Libertés » or « Freedom and Computing » in its article number 34, you have a right of access and modification or destruction of the datas concerning you. To use this right, get in touch with Project O - 320, rue Saint-Honoré – 75001 PARIS (France) or by email at

Order storage

The archiving of the orders and bills is done on reliable and long lasting supports in order to keep an exploitable copy complying with the article 1348 of the civil code.